Ecstasy of Life

I had read many biographies and studied and worked with many great personalities and people whom I read / watched / experienced that they have gone through many hardships, difficulties, misfortunes in life.

Now that all of them are doing great in their respective areas of interest and expertise, they all have one common thing that I have personally observed. And, this is common for all living beings.

“Every life on this planet has some share of misfortune and bad luck!”

It’s those who face these and move on in their lives, have in real sense tasted the ecstasy of life.

The respective share can come in parts all through life or passes away in big lots, it’s how we face and wade through them is the key to a successful life.

If we see many misfires happening one after another without impacting surroundings and loved ones, then you are actually lucky as you are being mentored by life in best possible way.

So next time if get stuck in a situation then be happy that some of your share is being dealt with and focus on learning that it provides to you.

Also see if you can taste the real “Ecstasy of Life”!!

Stay Blessed!


Be Nice for No Reason!

It’s natural human tendency to exhibit emotions that are either favorable or not so favorable towards living beings in surroundings. However what’s the price we pay to be nice when we encounter anyone?


Then the concern arises why can’t we be nice to some in our life? And the simple answer is we let those few impact our emotional self with negativity.

I recently came across a German word “Abendrot” which means “Color of the sky when Sun is setting”. Am sure we all have experienced and felt the calmness in that moment of day. If we just concentrate on the beauty one possess and try to help improve on traits that hurts, we all can make our life so much easier.

There is an emotion in Japanese “Wabi Sabi” meaning “Finding beauty in the imperfections of life and accepting that everything is constantly changing”.

Above is what helps the essence of the blog and if we have inputs wherein I can be benefited please do share!


Keep Smiling!

Trust and Skirmish

It’s everyone’s need and want for a conflict less environment, however the only place where there is no friction / conflict is “Space” and there is no “Oxygen” either.

I will Keep this Short Sweet and Simple as much as I can. The only way we can increase trust and reduce friction is having continuous dialogue between two parties.

However this dialogue involves few traits that the parties must own:

  • Open Mindedness
  • Produce selfless contexts
  • Never get hypercritical about any thought / action.
  • Try to picture self in other person’s shoes (not literally though)

One thing should be very clear to all of us, there is no shortcut to an ideal environment.

Also, when we get knocked down, it’s in our hands to choose to stay down or rise with new energy. No matter how long it takes but it will get better and once it does same concern will never ever arise in your entire life.

Be the person who ignites “Koi No Yokan” in others!!

Stay Blessed!


Undoubtedly a miraculous song, right!

Am sure you know the meaning of “DESPACITO”, it’s “Slowly”. Are you wondering why I am talking about this, you should! and this inscription will be for new or first line managers. But I will not rule out applicability to existing polished ones too.

I know what it feels like to be managing people for the first time, we are proud of ourselves. And so much that we miss to understand the pace at which trust of a team is gained. It takes lot of effort and everything happens slowly (Pasito Pasito).

Below are most important factors that are thrown on back burners:

  • Identifying what people don’t like

This helps you put forward right tasks / responsibilities on their shoulders.

  • What motivates them?

This will help you pull team out and start liking what they don’t, this will make you savor every moment.

  • Keep your sleeves rolled up all the time (not literally).

Jump in sensibly where ever you see anyone needs your support. Team may not expect you to but when you do you are remembered.

  • Be an elegant, confident and graceful personality.

You should be able to turn every situation favorably to team. Be the firewall.

A team is a scrambled piece and manager has to move pieces into their correct places to be able to showcase a beautiful picture.

Most importantly, everything happens slowly (Pasito a Pasito, suave suavecito. “iAy Bandito!”)

Stay Blessed!!

Outlandish Veracity of humans!

This is in continuation of my earlier thought “Positive fear”:

We tend to be effected and impacted so much by external world and events that we forget how beautiful, strong and pure we are within.

Someone has said this so beautifully – “Closing eyes and Looking within is Apex

You tell me (not necessarily vociferously, you can do a telepathy too. Ha ha!) What do you think or feel when something doesn’t works out as expected? We all know the answer: some will scowl, some be gloomy others aggravate or show resentment, right!!

But why? Why do we waste our energies on results of our (or for that matter others in conjunction of ours) past actions or deeds, why can’t we accept the reality, learn lessons and move forward to generate better results?

I am not saying that I do not get effected / impacted, I do! however have started channelizing the reactions into something that can lead to positivity.

Just a food for thought!


Keep smiling!


Not sure this will give you the right flavor, however my intentions are to help you understand the underlying fact. Here is my bon mot for you:


Sometimes you have to see people as crayons,

They may not be your favorite color but you need them to complete the picture!



Am sure we all have tasted “Bitter Gourd” and for most of us its “bete noire”. Those who really like it know it’s good only when our taste buds gets the original flavor of “Bitter Gourd”.

Why am I explaining this? We all know and practice to achieve what we are not, by leaving behind our original self. Thus, departing away from our own originality that identifies self.

How many of us know who they really are and matches that with what they pretend to be outside?

Crux is you don’t need everyone to like you or for that matter your work, be right and be yourself is what really means, because when you choose to be right there will be very few who will stand by thee and they will do same always.

It’s kind of fantasia and you have to find what best self you are and stick to it!


Stay Blessed!!

Taste of Success!!

I hope you have read my earlier blogs on “Journey to Success” and “Positive Fear”, if not then please do so for this one to make any sense!!

I am, and am sure you all too are aware of the fact that life is so very challenging and convoluted beyond our control. The only way we can progress is to be afraid of being failed.

Now why be afraid of getting failed? This fear will become your or you have to make it your “Positive Fear”. We are not here to enjoy the success rather enjoy the journey to success and the humiliations we have gone through during this journey.

You can be a big person with lots of riches however if you have not enjoyed the “Journey” then you are not a successful human being. To be successful you need to know how to crush success under your feet and not let it sit on your head and attain wisdom, which, most of us don’t.

To be a real successful human being and to be able to walk on the path of success you must learn to turn you fears into “Positive Fear”.

Believe in yourself and think before you act plus feel while you implement!


Stay blessed….