Outlandish Veracity of humans!

This is in continuation of my earlier thought “Positive fear”:

We tend to be effected and impacted so much by external world and events that we forget how beautiful, strong and pure we are within.

Someone has said this so beautifully – “Closing eyes and Looking within is Apex

You tell me (not necessarily vociferously, you can do a telepathy too. Ha ha!) What do you think or feel when something doesn’t works out as expected? We all know the answer: some will scowl, some be gloomy others aggravate or show resentment, right!!

But why? Why do we waste our energies on results of our (or for that matter others in conjunction of ours) past actions or deeds, why can’t we accept the reality, learn lessons and move forward to generate better results?

I am not saying that I do not get effected / impacted, I do! however have started channelizing the reactions into something that can lead to positivity.

Just a food for thought!


Keep smiling!


Not sure this will give you the right flavor, however my intentions are to help you understand the underlying fact. Here is my bon mot for you:


Sometimes you have to see people as crayons,

They may not be your favorite color but you need them to complete the picture!



Am sure we all have tasted “Bitter Gourd” and for most of us its “bete noire”. Those who really like it know it’s good only when our taste buds gets the original flavor of “Bitter Gourd”.

Why am I explaining this? We all know and practice to achieve what we are not, by leaving behind our original self. Thus, departing away from our own originality that identifies self.

How many of us know who they really are and matches that with what they pretend to be outside?

Crux is you don’t need everyone to like you or for that matter your work, be right and be yourself is what really means, because when you choose to be right there will be very few who will stand by thee and they will do same always.

It’s kind of fantasia and you have to find what best self you are and stick to it!


Stay Blessed!!

Taste of Success!!

I hope you have read my earlier blogs on “Journey to Success” and “Positive Fear”, if not then please do so for this one to make any sense!!

I am, and am sure you all too are aware of the fact that life is so very challenging and convoluted beyond our control. The only way we can progress is to be afraid of being failed.

Now why be afraid of getting failed? This fear will become your or you have to make it your “Positive Fear”. We are not here to enjoy the success rather enjoy the journey to success and the humiliations we have gone through during this journey.

You can be a big person with lots of riches however if you have not enjoyed the “Journey” then you are not a successful human being. To be successful you need to know how to crush success under your feet and not let it sit on your head and attain wisdom, which, most of us don’t.

To be a real successful human being and to be able to walk on the path of success you must learn to turn you fears into “Positive Fear”.

Believe in yourself and think before you act plus feel while you implement!


Stay blessed….

What goes around comes around!!

Yes, almost all of us must have heard this song by “Justin Timberlake”, and we all know what happens at the end!

What am I trying to explain here? Nothing, am just trying to reiterate what we already know but with few experiences.

If you do good, the good will come back even if it’s bad temporarily.

Be the controller of how you act, what decisions you take and how you drive yourself for the end results. Shortcuts are no good and you get to know sooner or later. If you don’t believe me try yourself.

Often, when something goes wrong in our lives or workplace, and it just doesn’t seem to make sense as to why it happened, it can be very puzzling. And this happens in both situations positive / negative.

It is up to us to build our eternal self and train it in such a way to always follow right rather than wrong.

I define “Right” and “Wrong” as:

  • Rather be Impractical and Gallant then Hypocritical Tyrant
  • Wretchedness Remorse On Negative Gimmick

Hope this helps!!

Stay Happy…..

Positive Fear!!

An expression, at times state of mind and heart; sometimes a power that holds you back from doing something / taking a step or leap etc. etc. ……

What is it for you and how are you managing it?

As per my understanding and observation 60 percentage of people just sit and do nothing; 20 percent keep whining about situation and either try to seek influential help or isolate the root cause of fear and move on.

This is the last 10 percent who really handles it / face it. What they really do is work backwards to identify root cause and apply measures to correct. There are times when no workaround is present still this group do not let fear impact their self-conscious and state of heart.

Remaining 10 is still a surprise to all as they behave very differently in different situations.

Have you ever thought of positive and not so positive fear?? I hope you did, still let me help with an understanding that will help you deal with it effectively.

There used to be times when i treat fear as fear and never categorized it into two types above. One day my mentor (I will not quote his name unless he is ok) and I were having a discussion around me being able to present to senior management and I expressed my concern that the fear overpowers me during presentations and plays a spoil sport. He then said “Everyone in this world fears of not being able to perform, but people who understand that this is a positive fear continue to improve.”


Positive fear is when you really care for the quality of action or act that you do for something good. This helps you prepare more and boats performance.

I suggest practice this for about a week, identity your positive fears and care for them, am sure you will experience a magical change within yourself!

Need not to mention rest all are not so positive ones, still they are there to help you.

Believe it or not, please do provide feedback.

Stay Blessed!


Importance of “Engagement”

The word “Engagement” is being tossed, thrown, perverted and conversed on or across table in corporate world from so long, however we still see no real benefits!

Do you know why?

Even before answering the “Why” let’s see its eminence and whom this must be applied to.

I believe and purely by experience, “Engagement” is essential for all no matter if they are:

  • Individual contributor
  • Works in a team
  • Works for a team
  • Works with a team
  • Or works building teams

Now how it is important;

  • You know about the other person’s skills, knowledge and understanding
  • You discover the priorities other persons may have
  • You are enlightened of personal behaviors and how others may react

This will help you in:

  • Deciding the priorities
  • Appreciating others achievements and efforts
  • Modulating your way of communication in an affluent way.

Let’s go back to the primary disquiet, “Why we do not see real benefits?”

This is because:

  • We tend to forget the human side
  • We do not understand the big picture.
  • We never attempt to close the gap.
  • And more over, we postulate before taking a people decision.

This is what my understanding is and if there is a difference then please do enlighten me!!


Team Management

My experiences have been wonderful so far not just because I had zero attrition and confidence in self that team has shown but because how I have journeyed from a “One man band” to the team that have built so far.

It’s important to make people feel that they are part of family and an important pillar. My style of management is bit different as I believe in 70% of Supporting, 20% of Coaching and 10% of directing team. Most of us must be aware of four quadrants in “Leadership Style” and aforesaid is mine (a mix).

While following any style of leadership we really need to understand teams’ psychology and at times have to throw in ideas that stimulate them to react in certain way to understand how they would behave in definite situations.

I will not claim that I have never been into difficult situations, however what really important is to walk through that difficult situation with improved coherence in team. I may sound weird though I too learn from how I am and was being managed and spent time in getting feedback on how I have managed without directly putting the thought on table.

Become a firewall and let team feel the warmth, pass on only leanings from failure; mentor and be ready to lend a hand; teach them how to make a work and life balance; laugh together so you have courage to face the failure together.

I read somewhere that if you care for team the way you care for your family, you will never lose a headcount at-least because of “YOURSELF”.